→ Weekday rate for green house cleaning: $45/hr

→ Nights (5pm +) and Weekends: $50/hr

Payment options:
1) mail a check payable to Green Clean PDX, LLC to the address on your invoice
2) pay via direct bill pay through your bank, should only need the address on the invoice to set that up.
3) pay via Square Cash (https://cash.me/), this is linked to your debit card and has a fee of 1.9% that you will need to add onto your invoice, it is not done for you, you’ll need our email: info@greencleanpdx.com to set that up.
4) there is a PayPal link on my site but you’ll need to add 3.5% for the fees associated with that option.

Typical services rendered:

  • Weekly/monthly maintenance
  • Pre/post parties
  • Gift certificates
  • Homecoming occasions (maternity, vacation, etc.)
  • In-law/company visits
  • Rainy season/spring cleaning
  • Muddy pet runs amok

Our cancellation and payment policies:

We would ask you to let us know as soon as your plans change. We try to be as flexible as possible. You may reschedule or skip (or even cancel) up to 24 hours before service without charge. However, a late cancellation fee will apply within 24 hours up to 9pm on the night before scheduled service. After 9pm the night before your scheduled cleaning, the entire fee is payable since our time is not reusable (also the case with lock outs).

If payment is not received by the invoice due date, a 10%/month fee is assessed. After two months, any overdue accounts will be sent to Columbia Collections and you will be liable for a 35% recovery fee in addition to the late payment fees. There is a $25 returned check fee.